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Welcome to Eden

Within the tapestries of summer blooms lies "Eden," a lavish collection adorned with hand-painted floral Ajrakh in the gentle hues of nature. Crafted from homegrown cotton, Kota silk, and modal silk, each garment whispers tales of elegance and grace.

Hand painted Ajrakh

We've pushed the boundaries of Ajrakh with a bold experiment: hand-painted florals. Utilizing the same dyes and techniques, we've created a unique fusion of tradition and innovation.

Come experience it in our latest collection Eden.

Homegrown | Natural | Handcrafted

The word Hasttvam, is an amalgamation of Sanskrit words Hast meaning Hands and Tvam meaning essence, and in conjunction Hasttvam means "Essence of the hand" or as we like to say Poetry by Hand. We work with artisans from Kutch, Gujarat who have been practicing Ajrakh (Handblock printing) for generations.  Our products are handcrafted, handprinted and hand-embroidered, made from pure homegrown Indian cotton, and are dyed in Natural colours. 

We take custom orders and ship worldwide.